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My Testimony
My name is Brian Frazer. I was once a Liar, Thief, Swearer, Blasphemer and was very heavily into Pornography! I dishonored My parents, Lusted after women, and did all sorts of Evil just like most of The World does.  I was even raised in a Church. My Grandfather was a Nazarene Minister and alot of My Family was Sunday School Teachers and Song Leaders Etc!!!! I went to church 3 times a week as a kid, went to Vacation Bible School nearly every Summer!!! When I got out of the service I even became Catholic for 7 years and was a proud member of The Knights of Columbus!!! I remember reading The Bible as a kid & even going to Church Camp Meetings in Ohio. I even prayed alot and even asked God to forgive Me. What happened? NOTHING!!!!

Then in March of 2006 I was a Steel Hauler living in Olathe, KS which was nearly 800 miles from My Hometown of Brilliant, Ohio! I'm not sure what brought it on, but I started listening to preaching on the radio. It sounded kinda disgusting to think about doing such a crazy thing, but I did it anyway! The funny thing is, I actually enjoyed it!! So I started living Life as a Christian IN MY OWN POWER! Just like everybody else We think that You just have to say sorry God for all I've done wrong & maybe go to Church and drop a buck or two in the plate and maybe God will let Us into Heaven!! I was doing really good living a better life except for one thing, I loved lusting for women. I just couldn't understand why I couldn't stop it!

But then one night in April of 2006 My whole life changed!! I was watching Near Death Experiences on Youtube. I saw testimonies of people that had died and saw the other side. The descriptions of Hell were absolutely Horrifying to say the least, but the ones that saw Jesus and felt His Love for them, that sounded awesome & more like what I wanted when I die!! I then came upon a site that said Thou Shalt Not Take The Name of The LORD Your God in Vain. For He Will Not hold You Guiltless!!!! The Holy Spirit Convicted Me and brought Me to My Knees!!! I was crying and I knew I was GUILTY!!!! God gave Me a choice. He asked Me if I wanted to keep living for The Devil & I said No!! He asked Me if I really wanted to be seperated for all Eternity from God, & I said No!!!! I was scared to death & really thought I was going to Hell and that there was no way out of it!!! I couldn't sleep at all that entire night. The next morning My Wife went to work, but I was unfit to do so, so I reported off for the first time ever at the place I was working at. At about 1030 in the morning I was standing in the livingroom and saw a kid run between My House and the neighbors. He jumped the fence and came thru the back door into the garage. He then was trying to break open the kitchen door. So I opened it & scared Him as He thought nobody was home! See What God can do? He saved Me at just the right time to stop a thief!!!! Praise The LORD!!!!
I then found a website that basically stated:
Romans 10
9 that if you confess with your mouth Jesus as Lord, and believe in your heart that God raised Him from the dead, you shall be saved;
and it said to keep saying Jesus Is LORD over and over till You believe it! So I did!!!!!

Praise The LORD God of Heaven!!!! God had mercy on Me and opened My eyes to see I was a sinner headed straight to Hell!!!! Oh how foolish I was!!! Everybody jokes about Hell and thinks it's all a joke, but it is not!!! God is Real, Absolutely as real as You and Me and He is in Control of Everything Including Where We will spend Eternity!!!

Now My whole Life is changed!!! He took away Every Desire I had for Porn!!!!!!! All the things I use to do now felt like foolishness to Me!!!! My life will never be the same again and OH WHAT JOY I NOW HAVE!!! Praise The LORD!!!!!!!

The reason I wasn't saved as a kid was because I thought You had to earn Your Salvation by being good! Boy was I wrong!! On;y Jesus Alone Paid Your Sin Debt in Full 100% and You are saved By His Death on The Cross Alone. On The Third Day He was raised from The Dead to be Your LORD!! We are saved by Believing that by Faith Christ paid Your Sin Debt in Full and there is nothing You can do to earn it. It's a FREE GIFT from God so that No One can Boast!!! It is also a necesary thing to Repent which is something only God can bring out of You with Holy Spirit Conviction!!!! So ask God what Your condition is in His eyes and ask Jesus to save You!!! God's Law such as the 10 commandments are what God uses to show Us We are Guilty and that We can not pay Our Sin Debt Ourselves!! We Need a Saviour!!! Jesus is that Saviour!!!

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